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  •   2:1 exchange ratio (24hr unique impressions).
  •   10:1 exchange ratio (24hr repeat impressions).
  •   2000 Signup Bonus Credits.
  •   Earn banner exchange credits promoting your splash page.
  •   Excellent Downline Builder.
  •   Promotional Material to help you build your down line.
  •   High commissions from direct referral purchases.
  •   Fairly Priced Upgrades & Credit Packs For Advertisers
  •   Organic Drip Feed Life Long Set & Forget Traffic.
  •   Tried & Tested Advertising Banners JUST Work!
  •   Highly Motivated Orgaic Buyer/Lead gen Traffic
  •     and a whole lot more...

 Why You Should Join Share My Ads (SMA)

ShareMyAds (SMA) Is a 2:1 Banner Advertising exchange. Our main focus is providing a SUPER affordable banner advertising network. Share My Ads (SMA) banner promotion service will deliver YOU drip feed, highly targeted, motivated, life long, visitors for free Forever. 

ShareMyAds (SMA) is proudly partnered with VidMedley. VidMedley is a media sharing platform much like YouTube but with the ability to build a content creator channel across multiple platforms. 

The beauty for you is you get YouTube like banner advertising Within Videos, Images And Audio Uploads to VidMedley Free of charge. This is not to mention the hundreds of other websites and pages our network code has already been placed on. 

The SMA network is growing everyday and the potential advertising reach is pretty impressive if i do say so myself.

Commissions "Yup" We do that too up to 60%. Just refer a friend and anything they earn or purchase you get a % of, it's that easy.

To get really technical, we are partnered, and networked with some big sites, such as Traffic-Exchange.Network (TEN) Network & TraffiCash Alliance. Ultimately this means Your sites will always get traffic one way or another.

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